Medium Color


Due to the nature of solid wood, minor variances in color, grain pattern, and featuring will occur. As a result, no two items will have the exact same appearance as shown in our photo. Enjoy your unique piece for your unique pet.

Comet Standing Frame is Being Discontinued – Please Contact Me Prior to Placing an Order

I have the material ready to make these frames, however, I need to coordinate a couple of things prior to accepting new orders. Thank you for your understanding.

This cat-shaped, free-standing frame is proudly made in the USA from solid hardwood with a professional finish. Acrylic windows, backing, and turn buttons included.

Price also includes personalized etching with name and caption of your choice. Please note: custom etching is non-refundable.

Want to skip the hassle of editing and mounting your pictures? If so, select Yes for photo editing and mounting; simply supply two decent quality pictures via email, and we will resize, enhance, and mount them. Please note: photo editing is non-refundable.

Dimensions: 10″ wide X 11″ tall X 2.5″ deep (cat is 1/4″ thick)

After purchase, either return to this page (or any page) and click the email button below, or reply to your order confirmation with your pet’s information.

SHIPPING: $10 flat rate and typically ships within 3 to 5 business days.


This image shows only a caption, but your pet’s name can be included as seen on the other images

Have a dog or other pet, and this isn’t the look you want?
Contact us for design options.


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For the Pet Who Loves You, Unconditionally

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