The Kemsa Collection

Our inaugural collection is the result of interior designer input to create decorative and functional pet furniture. This collection was inspired by our own cats’ needs for quality built furniture that also meets the instinctual and special needs of multiple adult-sized cats.

Accessorize your home with sturdy and nice looking pet furniture, while also enhancing your pet’s well-being

Climbing Tree

Color: Golden Oak and Burnished Walnut

Dimensions:  24" deep X 36" wide  X 61 ½ tall

Quality built tree that is roomy enough for multiple adult-sized cats while providing ample space for playtime or naptime. A decorative look with quality construction makes this tree a piece of furniture you will be proud to showcase for years.

Introductory Price: $825.00

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Color: Burnished Walnut

Dimensions:  12" deep X 24" wide  X 19" tall

Give your less agile or physically challenged pet access to difficult-to-get-to areas. Mitered solid maple edging with inlaid quality carpet for comfort, supported by solid cedar posts for lasting stability.

Introductory Price: $129.00

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Scratching Post

Color: Burnished Walnut

Dimensions:  12" deep X 12" wide  X 19" tall

Generously applied sisal is ergonomic, healthy, and won’t leave carpet fibers on your floor. Also discourages furniture scratching.Solid maple trim with mitered edging adds a decorative touch, while solid cedar posts provide stability.

Introductory Price: $79.00

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