Getting Your Pet to Use Their New Furniture

While we’d like to believe our pets understand our language, with animals it’s more about tones and consistency. When your pet is around their new furniture always use tones of encouragement.

Give them space to investigate their new furniture on their own. As you approach, with encouraging tones and some petting, you can investigate the furniture together.

I’ve been seen to even scratch our scratching post with my cat; reinforcing its function to my cat.

As they are sniffing or investigating it, let them know it’s their furniture by placing them on it while using your reaffirming communication. With cats, try a little cat nip to get them interested. With dogs, you can use their favorite treat.

For cats, once they start rubbing the furniture, you’re practically there.

However, sometimes Toonsis gets there first, but there's plenty of room for both 🙂

But don’t rush them into acceptance of their new furniture; this will likely result in a negative experience and avoidance rather than acceptance. Just follow their body language – you know your pet best.

Sometimes, it takes a bit of time. When I first built the Kemsa Tree, it took a few days before Kemsa actually used it. Now, he can be seen running up it with gusto, and he likes to rest on the top shelf daily!

Your Friends,

Mike and Maria