Restoration and Repair to Save Your Heirloom

Have a special piece that has damage and needs repaired, cleaned up and refinished?

Top Notch Pet Furniture can repair and restore your piece. My work is not limited to pet furniture.

See a couple of examples below:

Before and After

Cat Tree Restorations

While it may be less expensive to buy a new piece, sometimes clients want to keep the piece they know their cat loves.


This bookcase has seen several generations of use. The restoration started with a deep cleaning to eliminate the mold that was apparent on the black, sliding panels, as well as the underside of the bottom. Several watermarks (more than a dozen) were scattered throughout the piece. I was able to remove and/or reduce the visibility of all the marks. The piece was covered in years of grim, as well as, white paint spatter. Of course, there was also wear and tear (dents, scratches, drill holes) throughout the pieces; all of which were addressed.

Other Examples

It’s often amazing the beauty that can be found in a piece that was destined for the dump; the pictures don’t do them justice 🙂

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For the Pet Who Loves You, Unconditionally

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