Cushy – Cat Tree

Your cats or kittens will get years of enjoyment with this ergonomically designed tree. Multiple carpeted platforms all include padding for added comfort. The Cushy Tree is roomy enough for multiple adult-sized cats, providing ample space for play or nap time. Quality materials with robust construction make this tree a piece of furniture your cats will enjoy for years.

Dimensions: 20″ deep X 25″ wide X 63 1/4 tall

*Lead time approximately 2 to 4 weeks; confirmed upon receipt of order
*Only available in San Diego county (free delivery) and neighboring counties (contact to discuss delivery charge)


Luxurious Top Level

Large platform with raised walls for added safety and padded carpet for comfort.

Strategically Located Scratching Area

Generously applied sisal is ergonomic, and healthy for your cat, and won’t leave carpet fibers on your floor. Also discourages furniture scratching.

Quality Carpeting

Upgraded carpet compared to store bought cat trees. Carpet on shelves includes carpet padding for added comfort.

House Provides Comfort, Security, and Function

Cats instinctively need a place to take refuge, and this house is a comfortable answer while also serving as a step to the next level.

Multiple spacious levels

Designed to accommodate multiple full-grown cats (as well as kittens) with a large resting area at top at a good viewing height cats instinctively need.

Ergonomic layout

Strategic shelf spacing accommodates less agile cats by minimizing distance between each jump.


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Built to Last
Sturdy and Built to Last
Custom Designs
Custom Designs to Meet Your Needs
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Visually Pleasing
Visually Pleasing
Focus on Healthy materials
Healthy Materials
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For the pet who loves you, unconditionally
For the Pet Who Loves You, Unconditionally

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