Due to the nature of solid wood, minor variances in color, grain pattern, featuring, and dimensions will occur. As a result, no two items will have the exact same appearance as shown in our photo. Enjoy your unique piece for your unique pet.

Toonsis Bedside Ramp

Art meets Function in this one of a kind piece of hand-crafted, solid-wood furniture. Inspired by our pet’s past injury and need for easy access to her favorite cuddle locaton as she was recovering. The “rolling” top allows for a gradual ascent and descent. Seven birdseye maple, flush-fit drawers and one shelving area provide extra storage for either clothing or other items. A decorative look with quality construction makes this ramp a piece of furniture you will be proud to showcase for years. Designed to fit the foot of a queen size or larger bed.

Dimensions: 58″ long X 16″ wide X 26 3/8 tall

*Lead time approximately 4 to 8 weeks; confirmed upon receipt of order
*This order includes a free consultation to dial-in the custom look you want
*Only available in San Diego county (free delivery) and neighboring counties (contact to discuss delivery charge)


Ergonomic Top

Gradual “rolling” carpeted top is designed to minimize steepness over the width of a queen size bed. Multiple resting areas are included to help your pet go up and down.

Extra, Spacious Storage

Unlike all other ramps/steps, this piece of furniture also includes spacious storage. It has seven 13″ deep drawers and one shelving area to allow you to store clothing or other items.

Decorative and Functional Joinery

Each drawer is handcrafted with decorative and functional dovetail joinery. The drawers are flush fit, sitting 1/4″ proud of the face frame, and utilize no mechanical hardware.

Quality Craftsmanship Built to Last

Solid wood with robust construction is used throughout this piece; all the way down to the hand-made drawer pulls.

Attention to Detail

The legs and feet are both hand-crafted from walnut, and are designed to complement the shape and flow of the Bedside Ramp.

Quality “Pet-Proof” Carpet

Quality carpet is an upgrade compared to store-bought pet furniture. Our carpet has a special “pet-proof” backing to help prevent any accidents from seeping into the areas below.

Toonsis uses the ramp


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Sturdy and Built to Last
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Custom Designs to Meet Your Needs
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Visually Pleasing
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For the Pet Who Loves You, Unconditionally

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