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We love helping people enhance their home's decor with pet furniture that improves their pets' well-being. Inspired by our own pets' physical challenges, we are passionate about creating furniture that is ergonomic for pets with special or changing needs. You can read our full about page here: About Top Notch Pet Furniture.


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Vision Statement

A family’s love of pets shouldn’t cause their home to be furnished with mass produced economy pet furniture, which lacks ergonomics, outgasses chemicals into the home’s air, and doesn’t complement the rest of their décor.


Mission Statement

We seek to correct those common issues, by providing pet lovers with quality products that are good for their pet, and their home, all while minimizing the environmental impact.


How We Work with Designers: Know the Four C's

1) Collaboration

We will meet you at your project site to see the type and size of the pets who we’re building furniture for, in context with the overall space you’re designing.

2) Customization
We offer customization of our products, in terms of style, dimensions and color.

3) Create/Craftsmanship
We create quality pet furniture items; built to accommodate pets, look good, and last in your client’s home.

4) Cost
We know you need to make money too, so we will work with you to purchase our products for resale to your client at a discount from the pricing shown on our website. We hand deliver in San Diego County.


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