About Top Notch Pet Furniture

Why We Started Top Notch Pet Furniture

One day, Toonsis woke up with a serious limp in her rear leg. She has never been the most graceful jumper, so we assumed the injury was a result of a bad landing.

She was unable to move around much, and she was unable to get into her litter box or up onto her favorite resting area.

Although our vet could not determine the cause, Toonsis came home with a big wrap on her leg. As you can expect, this made it impossible for her to get into the litter box.

Something had to be done. Initially, we used the bottom of her carrier as a litter pan since the front of it is low. But she needed more room to move around with this cumbersome wrap.

We searched high and low to find an off-the-shelf litter pan to help cats who are unable to jump. To our surprise, we struck out.

So, we bought a large storage container and cut the front opening for her; basically creating a minimal-entry litter pan.

We worried about how long it would be before she could once again climb our store-bought cat tree. As she continued to recover over the next 8 months, we accommodated her in every way we could. Note: we think she had a mini-stroke, which apparently isn't that uncommon. 🙁  The blood vessels eventually reform around the problem.

Not long into this ordeal, our large adult cat, Kemsa, crashed to the floor when the upper resting area of the 5' tall cat tree broke. As we repaired the flimsy cardboard and particle board structure, we agreed there must be a better way.


Vision Statement

A family’s love of pets shouldn’t cause their home to be furnished with mass produced economy pet furniture, which lacks ergonomics, outgasses chemicals into the home’s air, and doesn’t complement the rest of their décor.


Mission Statement

We seek to correct those common issues, by providing pet lovers with quality products that are good for their pet, and their home, all while minimizing the environmental impact.


Who We Are

Mike Good and his wife Maria are a couple in San Diego, who share a love of animals and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Mike has an engineering and project management background. He discovered his affinity for woodworking; learning thru many DIY projects around the house. He has expanded his skills by taking classes at Palomar College, in the highly regarded Cabinet and Furniture Technology program.

Maria Vasapollo has degrees in both Interior Design and Business Management. She assists Mike with product design, business aspects, and some production elements. Maria utilizes Universal Design principles, to create spaces/products that can be used by those with varying needs, whether that be people or pets. Maria is also a LEED Green Associate who implements eco-friendly measures into designs whenever possible.

Maria has volunteered with Humane Society in Silicon Valley and more recently, she and Mike volunteered together in San Diego.