Tailor-Made Designs to Meet Your Needs

Need that special piece that has a specific function, style, or size?

At Top Notch Pet Furniture, we specialize in customer solutions – from cat trees to fill a specific space to non-pet related items such as the bookcases or storage cabinets shown below. Let us bring your vision to life!

See a couple of examples below:


Work Desk for Crafts

Customer had an old table leaf that was destined for the dump. They asked me to turn it into a work desk for doing crafts. A little surface work with a scraper and hand plane revealed a beautiful piece of solid wood. I used walnut to compliment the beauty of the table leaf, and I duplicated the style of the aprons to make the backsplash.

Matching Modern Bookcase

These matching bookcases were designed and built per our client’s request for something modern, functional (able to hold a lot of books), a specific size and color scheme. I worked through the design process directly with the client to give them the solution and look they desired.

Entertainment Center

This figured maple, mid-century modern entertainment center was designed and built to the end user’s specific requirements for their space, color scheme, style, and equipment sizes.

Extra Wide, Sturdy, and Staggered Storage Unit

This 7 drawer storage unit was designed and built to meet a customer’s specific need to support more than 1,000 lbs, while having a specific size and shape. At over 11 feet wide and up to 36 inches deep, special consideration also had to be made regarding the construction and use of woods to avoid wood expansion and contraction.

Cat Super Highway

These custom made paw-shaped shelves and corner bowl shelf for resting are just the beginning of the cat highway which will extend from this entry way, through a pantry, and out to a window area.

Have something in mind? Give us a call today to discuss.

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Custom Designs
Custom Designs to Meet Your Needs
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Visually Pleasing
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For the Pet Who Loves You, Unconditionally

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