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"She has not needed as much pain medication this afternoon. That shows how much stress you have taken off of her body." -- Mandy's mom
Due to the nature of wood, minor variances in color, grain pattern, featuring, and dimensions will occur. As a result, no two items will have the exact same appearance as shown in our photo. Enjoy your unique piece for your unique pet.

Mandy Bedside Steps

Is your pet struggling to reach their comfy spot? Reduce the risk of injury or help a physically challenged pet have easier access to your bed for snuggling with these decorative and functional steps. While the ergonomic design is good for all pets, it’s especially beneficial for less agile or physically challenged pets.

Shelves are also designed into this piece to provide you with added storage. A decorative look with quality construction makes this a piece of furniture you will be proud to showcase for years.

Overall Dimensions: 48″ length X 15″ wide X 26″ tall
Each platform is 16″ long by 15″ wide. These steps were customized for a 75 lbs pointer/boxer mix with a shoulder height of 18″ and a 21″ span from back to front feet.

*Lead time approximately 2 to 4 weeks; to be confirmed upon receipt of order
*Free delivery available in San Diego county, and for neighboring counties, contact us to discuss delivery charge


Not all pets have the same needs – We customize to meet your pet’s needs, your color/style preference, and the available space within your home. Contact us today to discuss the best configuration and size for you and your pet.

(760) 607-2522

Watch Mandy use her steps for the first time!

These two concept designs fit a queen size or larger bed and are intended to convey other configurations that may interest you:

Built to Last
Sturdy and Built to Last
Custom Designs
Custom Designs to Meet Your Needs
Quality Once
Buy Quality Once
Proudly Designed and Built in the U.S.A.
Ergonomic and Cozy Designs
Visually Pleasing
Visually Pleasing
Focus on Healthy materials
Healthy Materials
Impress Your Friends with Stylish Design
For the pet who loves you, unconditionally
For the Pet Who Loves You, Unconditionally

Not the color, size, or layout you want?
Contact us for custom design options.

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