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  • Due to the nature of wood, minor variances in color, grain pattern, featuring, and dimensions will occur. As a result, no two items will have the exact same appearance as shown in our photo. Enjoy your unique piece for your unique pet.

    Indoor Dog Kennel

    Both dogs and cats like to have a safe place. Sometimes as a pet parent, you may need to latch your pet inside of their safe place. This eloquent one-of-a-kind kennel is designed with bypass doors that allow you to either leave one side open, or latch it closed. Ample air holes allow for fresh air and the ability to see your pet.

    A functioning drawer is also designed into the piece to provide you with added storage.

    These pieces are designed and built based on your pet’s size and particular needs. Contact us today to discuss the best solution for you and your pet.

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    Built to Last
    Sturdy and Built to Last
    Custom Designs
    Custom Designs to Meet Your Needs
    Quality Once
    Buy Quality Once
    Proudly Designed and Built in the U.S.A.
    Ergonomic and Cozy Designs
    Visually Pleasing
    Visually Pleasing
    Focus on Healthy materials
    Healthy Materials
    Impress Your Friends with Stylish Design
    For the pet who loves you, unconditionally
    For the Pet Who Loves You, Unconditionally

    Not the color, size, or layout you want?
    Contact us for custom design options.

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